Past Events

2018 Pennsylvania Community on Transition Conference
When:07/25/2018 - 07/27/2018
Where:The Penn Stater Conference Hotel and Conference Center

Throughout the years, youth/young adults, and families have benefitted from the sessions held at the transition conference. Based upon feedback, the planning team has developed a team approach where youth and family members (or a supporting adult) attend sessions together. These sessions include youth development activities, to help youth grow and plan for adult life, with the support of their family (or supporting adult). These sessions, organized by the PA Youth Leadership Network (PYLN), include young adults with and without disabilities as well as other transition stakeholders. For specific “Youth and Family Team Sessions” refer to the PA Transition Conference brochure pages 5-6 (attached below). PYLN specific sessions include: Sessions A9, B11, C9, F9, G9, and H10.