History of PYLN

The Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network (PYLN) is one of the longest standing youth-led, youth-driven groups in Pennsylvania. The group began back in 2005 as an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Education Bureau of Special Education. The PYLN was initially created as a means of a long-standing youth-leadership, youth-development presence for youth with disabilities. Prior to 2013 the PYLN focused on providing assemblies, trainings, and resources for Special Education professionals, youth with disabilities, and their families.

Since 2013, the PYLN has shifted their focus to providing youth leadership and youth development opportunities for ALL youth and young adults, professionals, and families.

In the past 10 years PYLN has:

  • Established a network of youth & young adult leaders across PA
  • Created activities and trainings at Pennsylvania Transition Conferences and various other Youth leadership events throughout PA
  • Collaborated with other states & national leaders
  • Created informational/materials & training documents
  • Shared presentations across the country
  • Worked to ensure the successful transition of youth with disabilities
  • Trained parents and professionals on creating and maintaining positive relationships with youth
  • Developed self-determination/ empowerment resources
  • Developed a disability resource guide for transitioning youth
  • Developed a healthcare resource guide for youth
  • Ensured fair policies, practices, and attitudes that affect individuals with disabilities